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… captures the live images of Korean online games, their developers and the entire market for investors, companies and media overseas. This site also services professional market research and bridges business affiliation for clients outside Korea.

Since the success of Nexon’s “The Kingdom of the Wind” in 1996, Korea’s online game market has developed atop wide and solid Internet infrastructure. Thereupon, a wide spectrum of game genres, from MMORPG to web games, has been favored and feedbacked by a number of users. As a part of this rapid growth in game industry, a unique “e-Sports” culture has evolved, thanks to such foreign games as Starcraft. Especially, recent advancement in the worldwide broadband system has allowed Korean online games to stand unchallenged in global markets, most of all in China and Southeast Asian countries.

Until recently, however, language barrier blocked business entities abroad from gaining insights to Korea’s dynamic market and accessing corporate information. Establishing connection with Korean developers or publishers was even more difficult, which  resulted in hindered communication of business opportunities.

Korea Game Watch is now here to jump over those limits. Korea Game Watch will cooperate with potential partners in their market entries and participation in game conferences or events.

Who We Are

Korea Game Watch is the gaming business department of Veyond Partners.

Yunho Chung, Managing Partner of Veyond Partners

Yunho Chung is the founder and managing partner of Veyond Partners. He has worked with various MNEs and Korean conglomerates as a consultant, trainer and employee. His career focus has been TMT sector, financial market and its convergence. Before founding Veyond Partners, he worked for Institute of Global Management (IGM), Korea’s premier executive training provider, as a director of research and significantly contributed to their fast growth. Prior to that he worked for Hyundai Card/Capital, which is JV between Hyundai Motors and GE Capital. He worked as an in-house consultant belonging to Chairman’s office. Before this, he worked for Accenture Korea focusing communications, electronics, high-tech and financial services.

He holds MSc degree from Department of Management at London School of Economics in England.

Dongmin(Seth) Shin, Manager of Korea Game Watch

Dongmin(Seth) Shin is responsible for strategy and the long-term development of Korea Game Watch’s market intelligence products with his insight on Korean gaming industry and experience of consultancy. He has developed his unique expertise ay ICT (Information & Communication Technology) business and its strategic planning and new business development in media and gaming business. After he joined Veyond Partners, he worked on executing growth strategy planning of gaming, video, music businesses and new business development. Prior to that he worked for CJ Hellovision as a strategic planning assistant, which is Korea’s top cable MSO.

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