YNK Korea

1499-5 YNK Bldg., Seocho, Seoul

Website: http://www.ynk.net


Starting in 1994 as an Internet service provider, Nowcom utilized its service network to evolve into an online game publisher in Korea. Nowcom used to run Nownuri, one of the four biggest PC communication services in Korea, along with Nowweb, the portal for Nownuri. Nowcom is currently operating PDBOX, the biggest entertainment portal in Korea, CLUBBOX, mass storage community and Afreeca, the personal broadcasting media. Nopp.co.kr is its channel for servicing Tales Runner, O2jam, Fortfire, and Animal Warriors. The company’s major product, Tales Runner is best known for its immense popularity in Korea. Overall, Nowcom encompasses diverse areas of internet contents development and e-security solution service. Nowcom’s largest shareholder is Kumyang Communications.


1984.07. Founded Sunny Corp. as a shoemaker
1998.08. Signed MOU with Blizzard Starcraft marketing agency
1998.08. Founded YNK
2001.05. Consolidation between Sunny Corp. and YNK
2001.11. Signed Agreement with Click Entertainment[USA] 
         for licensing Throne of Darkness 
2001.12. Signed Agreement with Neople 
         for licensing online games 
2001.12. Signed Agreement with Gravity 
         for licensing 'Ragnarok'
2002.01. Signed Agreement with Maiet Entertainment 
         for licensing online games 
2002.06. Signed Agreement with Troika Games[USA] 
         for licensing 'Arcanum' 
2002.07. Signed Agreement with Papirus[USA] 
         for licensing Nascar 2
2002.08. Started Service of 'Ragnarok' in Korea
2002.10. Signed Agreement with Adam Soft 
         for licensing online games
2002.10. Signed Agreement with Grigon Entertainment 
         for licensing 'Seal'
2003.02. Signed Agreement with Ryu Entertainment 
         for licensing online games 
2003.05. Signed Agreement with DB Solution 
         for licensing 'Alpang' 
2003.07. MOU('Seal' with Neowiz
2003.09. Signed Agreement with TIC 
         for publishing 'Seal' in Taiwan
2003.09. Signed Agreement with GBM 
         for publishing 'Seal' in Japan
2004.01. Started Service of 'Seal' in Korea
2004.03. Established YNK Japan
2004.06. Signed Agreement for publishing 'Seal' in Taiwan
2004.07. Signed Agreement with Funbox 
         for publishing 'Seal' in Thailand
2004.08. Signed Agreement with Coslight 
         for publishing 'Seal' in China
2005.01. EstablishedYNK Casual
2005.03. EstablishedYNK Interactive
2005.04. Started Service of 'Seal' in China
2006.03. Started Service of 'Rohan' in Korea
2006.03. Renamed into YNK Korea
2006.06. Established YNK Taiwan
2006.11. Started Service of 'Rohan' in Japan
2007.02. Acquired rights on 'Seal'
2007.03. YNK Taiwan Started Service of 'Rohan' 
         in Taiwan 
2007.04. YNK Taiwan Started Service of 'Rohan' 
         in Hong Kong and Macau
2008.06. Started Service of 'Rohan' in USA
2008.12. Started Open Beta Service of 'Sting'
2009.06. Started Service of 'Battle Rohan' in Korea

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