30-10 Dragonfly Bldg., Nonhyeon, Kangnam, Seoul

Website: http://www.dragonflygame.com/


Pioneering the genre of FPS, Dragonfly is known for its know-how and development capabilities in FPS games, the most famous of which is Special Force, introduced in 2004. Dragonfly's first FPS game, Karma Online was the world's first online FPS game as well. Overall, Dragonfly contributed greatly to the popularization of FPS games in the nation and creating a new popular genre in the domestic game market. With the rapid growth of Special Force that recorded 13 million accumulated members and the maximum of 13,000 PCU, Dragonfly is expanding its FPS influence outside Korea and servicing other foreign markets. In addition, it is actively taking the role of vitalizing e-sports in Korea; In April 2009, Dragonfly established the Special Force Pro-League, the first e-sports league to be held by a domestic game.


1995.02. Founded Dragonfly
1996.01. Started Service of 'The Tour of Duty'
1997.09. Started Service of 'Karma'
1999.11. Started Service of 'Walpurgis Night'
2002.06. Signed Agreement with Netmarble for publishing 'Karma'
2003.03. Started Premium Service of 'Karma'
2003.07. Signed Agreement with Neowiz for publishing 'Special Force' 
2004.07. Started Open Beta Service of 'Special Force'
2006.10. Started Service of 'Special Force' in Thailand
2006.12. Started Service of 'Special Force' in Taiwan
2007.02. Started Service of 'Special Force' in Japan
2007.05. Started Service of 'Special Force in USA
2007.06. Started Service of 'Special Force' in China
2007.07. Signed MOU to develop 'Metal Slug' with SNK Playmore, USA 
2008.04. Started Open Beta Service of 'Special Force' via FTP Online in Vietnam
2008.04. Signed MOU to develop 'King of Fighters' and 'Samurai Showdown'
         with SNK Playmore, USA
2009.04. Acquired Wigo Global; backdoor listing into KOSDAQ Market
2009.05. Started Service of 'Special Force' in Europe
2009.05. Started Service of 'Karma 2' in Thailand
2009.06. Started Service of 'Karma 2' in USA, Europe/Japan
2010.04. Started Open Beta Service of 'Quake Wars'

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