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Founded in 2000 as a venture company for game development, GameHi is the developer behind the most popular FPS in Korea, Sudden Attack. GameHi specializes in developing FPS and MMORPG, some of which are Sudden Attack, Dekaron, and Metal Rage. The company continued to grow with the launch of Sudden Attack in 2005 and in 2008, it acquired Daeyu Vesper for backdoor listing. In 2009, GameHi generated revenue of 41.5 billion won ($34.7m) and operating profit of 11.9 billion won ($10m) with the momentum from publishing licenses of Sudden Attack abroad. It also opened up a global game portal,, to reach the global market in 2008. In May 2009, Nexon bought 29.3 percent of GameHi’s shares for 73.2 billion won ($61.3m ), which included management rights for GameHi studio.


2000.07. Founded Gamehi
2008.01. Signed Agreement with Asia Soft for publishing 'Sudden Attack'
         in Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei
2008.04. Acquired Daeyu Vesper; backdoor listing into KOSDAQ Market
2008.04. Signed Agreement with Mobius for publishing 'Dekaron'
         in Philippines, Malysia, Singapore, Brunei
2008.05. Signed Agreement with Neo for channeling IPTV game contents in Japan
2008.09. Signed Agreement with Atomic Studio for licensing 'Project D'
2008.09. Started Service of 'Dekaron' in Philippines/Malysia/Singapore/Brunei
2008.09. Started Service of 'Karcass' via JCR Soft in Japan/USA/Europe
2008.10. Started Service of 'Sudden Attack' via Net Power in Taiwan
2008.10. Signed Agreement with CJ Internet for publishing 'Sudden Attack 2' in Korea
2008.11. Signed Agreement with Level Up for publishing 'Sudden Attack' in Brazil
2008.11. Signed Agreement with NC Japan for channeling 'Sudden Attack' in Japan
2008.11. Signed Agreement with Acro Games for licensing 'Project AC'
2009.03. Signed Agreement with NNG Lab for licensing 'Zombie'
2009.05. Started Service of 'Metal Rage'
2009.06. Started Service of 'Dekaron' channeling via Hanafos
2009.08. Started Open Beta Service of 'Sudden Attack' in USA
2009.09. Opened a gaming portal named ""
2009.09. Started Service of 'Sudden Attack' in USA
2010.02. Started Service of 'Metal Rage' via GameYarou in Japan
2010.03. Signed Agreement with Cayenne Tech for publishing 'Metal Rage' in Taiwan

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