Hanbit Soft

8th Fl., Opulence Bldg., Seocho, Seoul.

Website: http://www.hanbitsoft.co.kr/


As a strong publisher in the domestic game industry, Hanbit Soft has shown a strong edge over its distribution capacities. StarCraft in Korea is one of its most successfully distributed games. Hanbit Soft has its own game portal, HanbitOn, and the list of MMORPGs it published through the portal include: Aika Online, Hellgate Online, and Granado Espada. Tantra Online is its in-house MMORPG. Its subsidiaries are IMC Games, Hanbit Ubiquitous Entertainment, Aziavantage Holdings, Red T Studios, G10 VMS INC, and Shanghai T3 Software Tech. On July 3, 2008, Hanbit Soft was acquired by T3 Entertainment, with T3 and others possessing 50.74% of the stake.


1999.01. Foundation(Hanbit Soft)
2000.04. Foundation(T3 Entertainment)
2002.06. IPO(KOSDAQ)
2002.12. Sales(Wyd/Survival Project to China)
2003.01. T3: Publishing(Bumper Car via Daum)
2003.09. T3: Channeling(Milman via Empas)
2004.09. Sales(Granado Espada to China)
2004.10. T3: Channeling(Audition via Empas)
2004.12. Establishment(Hanbit Ubiquitous Entertainment)
2004.12. T3: Sales(Audition via Ever Star[China])
2005.03. Opening(Hanbiton.com, game portal)
2005.03. Sales(Neosteam to Japan)
2005.07. T3: Service(Audition in China)
2005.12. T3: Publishing(Audition via INSREA[Taiwan])
2006.03. T3: Sales(Audition via VTC Intercom[Vietnam]
         /Asiasoft[Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand])
2006.03. T3: Service(Audition in Taiwan)
2006.05. Sales(Hell Gate: London to China)
2006.05. T3: Sales(Audition via Kaizen[Brazil])
2006.06. T3: Sales(Audition via Nexon Japan/Nexon USA)
2006.07. Establishment(Ping0, USA office)
2006.07. T3: Sales(Audition via IPVG[Philippines])
2006.07. T3: Service(Audition to Vietnam/Malaysia/Singapore)
2006.08. T3: Sales(Audition via PT Megaxus Infotech[Indonesia])
2006.08. T3: Service(Audition in Thailand)
2006.09. T3: Service(Audition in Japan/Hong Kong)
2006.11. Publishing(Mythos)
2006.11. T3: Sales(Audition via Yipi Solution[India])
2006.12. T3: Service(Audition in Philippines)
2007.01. T3: Service(Audition in Indonesia)
2007.01. T3: Sales(Audition via Burda Interactive[Europe])
2007.04. T3: Service(Audition in USA)
2007.06. Publishing(Wyd to worldwide)
2007.06. T3: Service(Audition in Europe)
2007.08. T3: Sales(Audition via Latin Interactive[South America])
2007.09. T3: Sales(Orka via Nexon Japan)
2007.09. T3: Service(Audition to Brazil)
2007.10. Establishment(Ping0 Interactive, Europe Office)
2007.10. T3: Sales(Orka via Soft World[Taiwan])
2007.12. T3: Publishing(Vastian via Graje???)
2008.02. Service(Hell Gate: London)
2008.05. Divertiture(Ping0/Ping0 Interactive)
2008.05. Service(Neosteam to worldwide)
2008.05. T3 Entertainment Acquired Hanbit Soft
2008.06. T3: Service(Vastian in Taiwan)
2008.07. Acquired publishing rights for War Cry/Audition 2
2008.07. Channeling(Audition/Audition 2 via Hanbiton)
2008.08. Establishment(Aziavantage Holdings)
2008.09. Establishment(Red T Studios)
2008.09. Service(Audition in Japan)
2008.11. Service(Tantra to worldwide)
2009.02. Service(Spike Girls/Aika)
2009.03. Service(Audition English in Korea and Japan)
2009.03. Acquired publishing rights for The Heaven of Three Kingdoms
2009.03. Camon Hero OBT
2009.04  Sales(Aika to USA)
2009.05. Sales(Audition 2 to Indonesia)
2009.06. Service(Aika to Taiwan)
2009.09. Sales(The Heavin of Three Kingdoms to Taiwan, Aika to China)
2009.10. Sales(Audition 2 to Vietnam)
2009.11. Sales(Audition English to Taiwan)
2010.01. Acquired publishing rights for Hell Gate
2010.01. Sales(Hell Gate to Japan)
2010.03. Sales(Mythos to Russia and Japan)
2010.06. Sales(Mythos to Taiwan/Hong Kong/Europe/Turkey, Audition 2 to Russia)

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