YD Online

823-30, Line Bldg., Yeoksam, Kangnam, Seoul

Website: http://www.ydonline.co.kr/


Previously known as Yedang Online, YD Online has evolved from an entertainment company founded in 1997 to a publisher and developer of online/mobile games in Korea. Starting with Priston Tale in 2002, it has serviced the Audition series, Ace Online, and Band Master through its game portal, Ndolfin. YD Online now has a global reach of over 100 million users across 80 countries. Audition Online is especially popular among Asian countries, most of all in the Southeast region. YD Online continues to expand with involvement in the web agency business as a provider of e-solutions and publisher of outsourced services.


1997.06. Founded Yedang Entertainment
1999.12. Founded Try Glow Pictures
2002.04. Signed Agreement with Netease 
         for publishing 'Priston Tale'  in China
2002.08. Started Service of 'Priston Tale' in China
2002.08. Initial Public Offering (IPO) in KOSDAQ Market
2002.12. Started Service of 'Priston Tale'
2003.07. Yedang Entertainment Acquired Try Glow Pictures
2003.09. Signed Agreement with True Digital 
         for publishing 'Priston Tale' in Japan
2004.01. Started Service of 'Priston Tale' in Japan
2004.06. Signed Agreement with Net Play 
         for publishing 'Priston Tale' in Philippines
2004.07. Started Service of 'Priston Tale' in worldwide
2005.01. Signed Agreement with FPT 
         for publishing 'Priston Tale' in Vietnam
2005.07. Signed Agreement with Kaizen Games 
         for publishing 'Priston Tale' in Brazil
2005.09. Started Service of 'Audition' via Bugs
2005.09. Signed MOU with T3 Entertainment
2006.03. Signed Agreement with Asiasoft 
         for publishing 'Audition' in Singapore and Malaysia
2006.03. Signed Agreement with VTC 
         for publishing 'Audition' in Vietnam
2006.05. Started Service of 'Audition' via Nexon USA
2006.05. Signed Agreement with NHN 
         for publishing 'Priston Tale'2  in Japan
2006.05. Signed Agreement with Kaizen 
         for publishing 'Audition' in Brazil
2006.12. Signed Agreement with Masang Soft
         for licensing 'Ace'
2007.01. Signed Agreement with Ye Time 
         for publishing 'Ace' in China
2007.06. Acquired sales rights for 'Audition 2' 
         in China, Japan, Taiwan, Korea from G10 Entertainment
2007.07. Signed Agreement with Asian Sense Holding 
         for publishing 'Audition 2' in China
2007.08. Signed Agreement with Latin Interactive 
         for publishing 'Audition'and 'Ace' 
2007.09. Signed Agreement with Nineyou International 
         for publishing 'Audition' in China
2007.11. Signed Agreement with Game Forge 
         for publishing 'Ace' in Europe
2008.01. Signed Agreement for publishing 'Ace' in CIS and Thailand
2008.04. Started Service of 'Priston Tale 2' in Korea, 
2008.04. Started Service of 'Audition', 'Ace' in UK
2008.05. Signed Agreement for publishing 'Priston Tale 2' in Europe
2008.06. Signed Agreement for publishing 'Ace' in USA
2008.07. Started Service of 'Ace' in Thailand
2008.08. Signed Agreement for publishing 'Priston Tale 2' and 'Ace' in Taiwan
2008.09. Signed Agreement for publishing 'Priston Tale 2' in southeast Asia
2008.10. Signed Agreement for publishing 'Ace' in Singapore, Malaysia and Japan
2009.02. Started Service of 'Priston Tale 2' in Taiwan
2009.03. Shinian,INC. Acquired YD Online
2009.03. Acquired sales rights for 'Band Master' in worldwide
2009.03. Started Service of 'Ace' in Japan, 'Priston Tale 2' in Europe
2009.04. Started Service of 'Priston Tale' in Japan
2009.08. Started Service of 'Ace' in Europe
2009.09. Renaming(into YD Online
2009.10. Started Service of 'Band Master'
2009.11. Signed Agreement for publishing 'Band Master' 
         in Thailand, Philippines and Vietnam
2010.02. Signed Agreement for publishing 'Priston Tale 2' 
         in China and Europe
2010.05. Pae OBT
2010.06. Started Service of 'Audition 2' in Korea, 
         'Band Master' in Vietnam
2010.06. Signed Agreement for publishing 'Ace' 
         in Singapore and Indonesia
2010.07. Started Service of 'Audition 2'

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