Actoz Soft

10-2 Gwanchul, Jongro, Seoul



Although not included among 5Ns of the game industry, Actoz Soft has positioned itself as one of the major game publishers in the industry with a relatively short history. It produced and serviced some of the blockbuster hits, such as 1000years, Legend of Mir series (together with WeMadeEntertainment), A3, and Wild Planet, rising as an influential leader in the online game market. It seeks to be a number one multi-contents coordinator, serving the domestic market as well as the international market with high-quality in-house games as well as outsourced games. Its subsidiaries include Online Works, Beijing Oriental Interactive Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. , Actoz In World, Viva Box, Any Park , and Meiyu Informaiton/Technology. Shanda Games Korean Investment is a major stockholder for Actoz Soft.


1996.10. Founded Actoz Soft
1998.11. Started Service of 'The Legend of Mir'
2000.02. Signed MOU with Wemade Entertainment for licensing 'The Legend of Mir' 
2000.10. Signed MOU with KT
2001.03. Signed Agreement with Digital Bros 
         for publishing 'The Legend of Mir 2' in Europe
2001.06. Signed Agreement with Shanghai Shanda 
         for publishing 'The Legend of Mir 2' in China
2001.06. Signed Agreement with with Pacific Telecom for 
         publishing 'The Last Kingdom' in Taiwan
2001.08. Initial Public Offering (IPO) in KOSDAQ Market
2001.09. Signed Agreement  with Beijing Arctic Ice Science And Tech Development
         for publishing '1000 Years' in China
2001.10. Signed MOU(A3 development Any Park
2002.03. Signed Agreement with Access Technology 
         for publishing '1000 Years' in Taiwan
2002.05. Signed Agreement with Taiwan TGL 
         for publishing 'The Legend of Mir 2' in Taiwan
2003.04. Signed Agreement with Waei International Digital Entertainment
         for publishing 'A3' in Taiwan/Hong Kong
2003.07. Signed Agreement with Beijing Artic Ice Culture and Communication
         for publishing 'A3' in China
2003.07. Signed Agreement with GungHo Online Entertainment 
         for publishing 'A3' in Japan
2003.09. Signed Agreement with Siam Infinit 
         for publishing 'A3' in Thailand
2004.02. Established China Office
2004.04. Started Service of 'A3' in China
2004.05. Signed Agreement with iGames Asia 
         for publishing 'A3' in Singapore/Malaysia
2004.11. Signed Agreement with Sify
         for publishing 'A3' in India
2005.09. Signed Agreement with Sino Gold Trading
         for publishing 'The Legend of Mir 2' in Philippines
2005.10. Signed Agreement with iEntertainment Network
         for publishing 'The Legend of Mir 3' in USA
2006.03. Signed Agreement with Gamepot
         for publishing 'Latale' in Japan
2006.04. Signed Agreement with Netclue
         for publishing 'ERF' in Japan
2006.07. Started Service of 'Latale'
2006.12. Signed Agreement with Shengqu Information Technology
         for publishing 'Latale' in China
2007.04. Started Service of 'Latale' in China/Japan
2007.06. Started Service of 'X Up/1000 Years'  in China
2008.02. Signed Agreement with Grandpro Information Technology
         for publishing 'Lazeska' in China
2008.03. Signed Agreement with Gamefactory for publishing 'Latale' in USA
2008.08. Signed Agreement with Shengqu Information Technology 
         for publishing 'Aquaqu' in China
2008.09. Signed Agreement with Thirty for publishing 'Latale' in Taiwan
2008.09. Started Service of 'Latale' in USA
2008.11. Signed Agreement with Shengqu Information Technology 
         for publishing 'The Legend of Mir 2' in China
2009.02. Started Service of 'Latale' in Taiwan
2009.04. Signed Agreement with Aeria Games/Entertainment 
         for publishing 'Latale' in Europe
2009.08. Started Service of 'Latale' in Europe
2009.09. Started Service of 'X Up'
2009.10. Started Service of 'Jongchung'
2009.11. Signed Agreement with Winner Online for publishing 'Latale' in Thailand
2009.11. Started Closed Beta Service of 'Aquaqu'
2009.12. Started Open Beta Service of 'Oz Festival'
2010.01. Established Meiyu Informaiton/Technology 
2010.03. Started Closed Beta Service of 'Wild Planet'

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