CJ Internet

CJ E&M Center 10th Fl.
Sangam 1606, Mapo, Seoul

Website: http://www.cjinternet.com/


Founded as a subsidiary of CJ Group, CJ Internet is an online entertainment company that develops and publishes online contents. Through its game portal, Netmarble, CJ Internet provides over 200 different online games that range from arcade, web board games, MMORPG, casual, sports, FPS, action, flash to download games. Over 60 of its games are MMORPGs, and among the rest are widely loved FPS game, Sudden Attack and action game, Grand Chase. Its own development studio, CJIG (CJ Internet Game studio, 2005) develops in-house games as well, such as YS Online and Prius Online. Netmarble currently is the number one game portal in Korea with 28 million members and over 410,000 concurrent users online as of 2009. CJ Internet is now seeking to expand its presence in the social games sector, announcing its plan to invest KRW 10 billion in the market in July, 2010. Ultimately, CJ Internet seeks to connect its game contents with other entertainment contents serviced by CJ Media, CJ Entertainment, and Mnet Media.


1982.10. Founded Planers, as a silicon steel plate manufacturer
1999.12. Initial Public Offering (IPO) in KOSDAQ Market
2000.03. Founded Netmarble
2000.11. Opened a gaming portal named Netmarble
2003.09. Planers Acquired Netmarble; backdoor listing
2004.02. Signed MOU with Sina
2004.04. CJ Acquired Planers
2004.06. Rename into CJ Internet
2004.06. Divertitute Cinema Service
2004.09. Established CJ Internet Japan
2004.10. Opened Igame, a Chinese game portal
2005.01. Established CJIG
2005.03. Signed MOU for game service with Daum
2005.05. Established CJ Internet, Inc.
2005.07. Established Any Park
2006.05. Established CJIT2 Holding T2CN
2007.05. Started Open Beta Service of 'Koongya'
2007.07. Started Open Beta Service of 'YS'
2007.09. Started Open Beta Service of 'Wanmi'
2007.10. Signed a Licensing Agreement for Keroking
2007.11. Started Open Beta Service of 'Koongya Adventure'
2007.11. igned MOU with Middle Eastern characters Index Holding[Dubai]
2008.02. Started Open Beta Service of 'Dynasty Warriors'
2008.10. Started Open Beta Service of 'Prius'
2008.12. Started Open Beta Service of 'Magumagu' in Japan
2008.12. Established CJ Sports
2010.02. Acquired Seed9 Entertainment
2010.03. Acquired Media Web

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