Neowiz Games

192-2 Gumi, Bundang, Sungnam



Founded by former employees of Nexon, Neowiz was established in 1997, and started by servicing a SNS that became a huge success (Sayclub). Starting in 2003, Neowiz began to focus on the area of online gaming, launching its own game portal Pmang. Through Pmang, Neowiz published a variety of casual games and FPS, those of which include Ava, Crossfire, Special Force, and R2Beat. It is expanding its presence in the online game genre by having split up Neowiz into Neowiz Games and other subsidiaries, such as Neowiz Development Studio, Neowiz Internet (in charge of SayClub), Neowiz Invest and Neowiz INS. As of 2010, Neowiz has Neowiz Games and 20 others, including Penta Vision (73.23%), Neowiz Lab, CR Space (79.2%), Game On (Japan, 40%), Neowiz Games Asia (Hong Kong, 100%), Neowiz Games China (China), Neowiz Games (USA, 100%), Neowiz Entertainmet (USA), Speedy Grand International (Hong Kong), and Neowiz Internet Vietnam One Member (Vietnam). Neowiz’s “N” also stands for one of the 5Ns in Korea.


1997.05. Founded Neowiz
1999.07. Started Service of Sayclub
2000.06. Initial Public Offering (IPO) in KOSDAQ Market
2000.09. Opening(eGames, online game network
2001.09. Established Mcube
2002.01. Started Service of Sayclub games
2003.05. Established Red Duck Studio and Eye Factory
2003.08. Opened Pmang, game portal
2004.07. Started Service of 'Special Force'
2004.11. Signed Agreement with Gungho Entertainment
         for publishing 'Yogurting' in Japan
2005.05. Signed MOU with Ahn Lab
2005.06. Started Closed Beta Service of 'R2Beat'  
2005.06. Signed Agreement with XL Games for licensing 'XL1'
2005.06. Signed MOU with Pentavision
2005.06. Started Service of 'Axion'
2005.07. Signed MOU with Use Dream
2005.09. Signed MOU with Wise Cat and Neo Act
2005.09. Signed Agreement with Tencent
         for publishing 'R2Beat' in China
2005.11. Started Service of 'Yogurting' in Japan
2005.12. Signed Agreement for publishing 'Yogurting' in Thailand
2006.01. Started Closed Beta Service of 'Slugger'
2006.02. Signed MOU with Electronic Arts
2006.02. Started Closed Beta Service of 'Pokipoki'
2006.04. Established Pentavision
2006.04. Signed MOU Dekaron with Gamehi J2M Soft Simetric Space
2006.05. Started Open Beta Service of 'FIFA Online'
2006.07. Started Open Beta Service of 'R2Beat' in China
2006.07. Signed Agreement with Smile Gate for licensing 'Cross Fire'
2006.08. Signed MOU with KTH
2006.10. Signed Agreement with Red Duck for publishing 'A.V.A'
2006.11. Started Closed Beta Service of 'War Lord' 
2006.12. Started Open Beta Service of 'Ray City'
2007.02. Started Open Beta Service of 'Slugger'
2007.02. Signed MOU between Neowiz Japan and Mgame Japan
2007.02. Started Closed Beta Service of 'Hardboiled' 
2007.04. Divertitute Neowiz Games
2007.05. Started Open Beta Service of 'Cross Fire' 
2007.05. Signed MOU AVA Razer
2007.07. Started Open Beta Service of 'A.V.A' 
2007.07. Signed Agreement for publishing 'A.V.A' and 'Cross Fire' in China
2007.09. Started Closed Beta Service of 'Perfect KO'
2007.09. Started Open Beta Service of 'Sashinmu'
2007.09. Signed Agreement with Pentavision for licensing 'Dual Gate'
2007.10. Started Service of 'FIFA Online'

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