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Starting in 1999 as Naver.com, NHN has grown to be a major Internet corporation in Korea. NHN now operates the nation's top search portal, Naver (www.naver.com) the leading online game portal, Hangame (www.hangame.com) the nation's largest children's portal, Jr.Naver (jr.naver.com) and the first online donation portal, Happybean (happybean.naver.com). NHN Games was a subsidiary of NHN Corp. , but was recently merged and acquired by Webzen. Through Hangame, NHN publishes MMORPGs, such as TERA, Atlantia, Sun Online, R2, C9, and a variety of casual games. NHN is also branching out to the world with NHN Japan, NHN USA, and NHN China although it is withdrawing from the Chinese market this year due to its failure in local expansion through a subsidiary. NHN is also one of the 5Ns in the industry as one of the major game publishers in Korea.


1998.11. Founded Hangame Communications
1999.12. Started Service of Hangame game portal
2000.09. Established Hangame Japan
2001.03. Started Service of 'Hangame premium'
2001.06. Started Publishing Service of Hangame via Goo[Japan]
2001.08. Started Publishing Service of Hangame via Yahoo Japan
2001.09. Renamed into NHN, Next Human Network
2002.04. Started Channeling Service of 'Priston Tale'
2002.09. Started Service of 'Gold Wing'
2002.10. Initial Public Offering (IPO) in KOSDAQ Market
2002.10. Started Channeling Service of 'Ryl'
2003.10. Established NHN Japan
2004.08. Started Service of 'Hangame Golf'
2004.08. Started Service of 'Mahjong'
2004.11. Established NHN Games
2005.03. Started Publishing Service of 'Arch Lord'
2005.04. Started Publishing Service of 'BOUT'
2005.07. Established NHN USA
2006.01. Started Publishing Service of 'Kwonho'
2006.08. Started Channeling Service of 'Dungeon and Fighter'
2006.08. Started Publishing Service of 'R2'
2007.01. Started Publishing Service of 'Skid Rush'
2007.01. Started Publishing Service of 'Riding Star'
2007.05. Started Service of ijji.com in USA
2007.06. Started Publishing Service of 'Goonzu Special'
2007.07. Started Channeling Service of 'Graviti's games'
2007.07. Raised game publishing fund(KRW 25Bn) with Gold Bridge Asset Mgmt.
2007.08. Started Channeling Service of 'Tales Runner'
2007.10. Started Publishing Service of 'Wolf Team'
2007.10. Signed Agreement for licensing 'Val Creed Saga'
2007.11. Signed Agreement for licensing 'Lord of the Rings'
2008.02. Started Publishing Service of 'Gogossing'
2008.03. Established NHN Taiwan
2008.04. Signed Agreement for Publishing 'Monster Hunter Frontier'
2008.10. Started Service of 'Hangame Tetris'
2008.11. Initial Public Offering (IPO) in KOSPI Market
2008.11. Signed Agreement with Electronic Arts for licensing 'Kingdom Under Fire 2'
2008.11. Signed Agreement with Electronic Arts for licensing 'War Hammer'
2009.03. Started Channeling Service of 'Soul of the Ultimate Nation', from Webzen
2009.06. Signed Agreement for publishing 'Karos' in Europe
2009.08. Started Open Beta Service of 'C9'

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