NC Soft

157-37 Ilsong Bldg. Samsung, Kangnam, Seoul



Founded in 1997, NCsoft (KOSDAQ-listed in 2000 and KOSPI-listed in 2003) supplies and publishes online game softwares. One of Korea's online game market dominant “5N," NCsoft is an illustrious house for MMORPG: Lineage 1, Lineage 2, Guild Wars and Aion (which propelled NCsoft's latest revenue boom through success in Korea and North America) all hit domestic and overseas markets. Recently, NCsoft turns its eyes on various other genres (FPS, sports, action and rhythm/dance); however, its core sources of revenue are MMORPG (of which 42.7% and 38.3% of sales come from Aion and Lineage 1, respectively). NCsoft's next MMORPG Blade and Soul is now under the spotlight of the market.


1997.03. Founded NCsoft
1997.09. Started Service of 'Lineage'
2000.02. Signed Agreement with Gamania for publishing 'Lineage' in Taiwan
2000.05. Established NC Interactive in USA
2000.07. Initial Public Offering (IPO) in KOSDAQ Market
2000.07. Started Service of 'Lineage' in Taiwan
2001.05. Established NC Austin
2001.07. Started Service of 'Lineage' in Hong Kong
2001.09. Established NC Japan with Soft Bank[Japan]
2001.11. Started Service of 'Lineage' in USA
2002.01. Signed MOU with Sony[USA] 'Ever Quest' service in Korea/Taiwan/Hong Kong 
2002.03. Signed Agreement with from Cryptic Studios[USA]
         for licensing 'City of Heroes' 
2002.07. Signed MOU with Realm Interactive[USA] for licensing 'Trade Wars'
2002.08. Signed Agreement with from Phantagram Ltd.  for licensing 'Shining Lore'
2002.09. Started Service of 'Lineage' in Japan
2002.09. Signed Agreement with Net Devil Studios[USA] for licensing'Auto Assault'
2002.12. Acquired Arena Net
2003.01. Established NC Sina Sina[China]
2003.04. Started Service of 'Lineage' in China
2003.05. Initial Public Offering (IPO) in KOSPI Market
2003.05. Started Service of 'Ever Quest' in Korea
2003.08. Established NC Taiwan with Gamania[Taiwan]
2003.10. Started Service of 'Lineage' 2 in Korea
2004.04. Started Service of 'City of Heroes' in USA
2004.05. Started Service of 'Lineage' 2 in USA/Taiwan
2004.06. Started Service of 'Lineage' 2 in Japan
2004.07. Established NC True with True[Taiwan]
2004.07. Established NCsoft Europe
2004.10. Established NCsoft China R&D Center
2004.11. Started Service of 'Lineage' 2 in China/Europe
2005.02. Started Service of 'City of Heroes' in Europe
2005.03. Started Service of 'City of Heroes'
2005.04. Started Service of 'Guild Wars' in USA/Europe
2005.05. Started Service of 'Guild Wars'
2005.06. Started Service of 'Lineage' 2 in Thailand
2005.10. Started Service of City of Villains in USA/Europe
2006.01. Started Service of 'Guild Wars' in Japan, Exteel in Korea
2006.02. Started Service of 'Guild Wars' in Taiwan, 'City of Heroes' in Europe
2006.02. Established NCsoft Japan
2006.03. Started Service of 'City of Heroes' in Korea
2006.04. Started Service of 'Auto Assault' in USA/Europe,
         'Guild Wars' 2 in USA/Europe/Taiwan/Japan
2006.05. Started Service of 'Guild Wars 2' in Korea
2006.05. Established NCsoft China
2006.10. Started Service of 'Guild Wars 3' in USA/Europe/Korea/Japan/Taiwan
2007.02. Signed Agreement with AMDG for publishing 'Lineage' 2 in Philippines
2007.05. Started Service of 'Dungeon Runner' in USA
2007.07. Signed MOU with Sony
2007.08. Started Service of 'Guild Wars : Eye of the North' in USA/Europe
2007.11. Started Service of 'Tabula Rasa' in USA/Europe
2007.11. Signed Agreement with Shanda for publishing 'Aion' in China
2008.05. Signed MOU with Yahoo Korea
2008.11. Started Service of 'Aion' in Korea
2009.01. Started Service of Point Blank in Thailand
2009.04. Started Service of 'Aion' in China
2009.04. Signed Agreement with Innova Systems for publishing 'Aion' in Russia
2009.07. Started Service of 'Aion' in Taiwan/Japan
2009.09. Started Service of 'Aion' in USA/Europe
2009.12. Started Service of 'Aion' in Russia

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