ARGO lays a stepping stone in Thailand

ARGO, a sci-fi hybrid MMORPG, developed and serviced by Mgame is preparing to climb the ladder to global success. On November 9th, Mgame signed another license contract with a foreign publisher, namely AsiaSoft of Thailand this time, to export ARGO abroad. ARGO has already been exported to Russia (Digital Worlds), Europe and North America (Burda:ic), and Japan (Mgame Japan). ARGO was launched in Korea this August after going through a series of some quick beta tests. It received explosive reactions from Korean MMORPG players, reaching up to 30,000 PCU in August. Having gathered an ample amount of momentum from domestic users, ARGO spurted to expand its presence abroad.

Through this contract with AsiaSoft, ARGO has established for itself a stepping stone for the Southeast Asian market. AsiaSoft is a major publisher and distributor of online games in Thailand that has serviced many of Korean MMORPGS, those of which include Ragnarok Online, Maple Story, Sudden Attack, and Mgame’s Yulgang Online. With AsiaSoft as a strong partner, Mgame seeks to target Southeast Asian gamers and furthermore branch out to potential markets abroad. We will see whether ARGO can become a chance for Mgame to recover its reputation. After all, Yulgang Online five years ago was the last blockbuster game that Mgame produced, and Mgame developers have been avidly seeking to develop a new hit title that could bring the good years back to Mgame.

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