ARGO’s time-travel to Japan

ARGO, a next-generation fantasy MMORPG developed and serviced by Mgame, is officially branching out to the world. On October 28th, Mgame announced that ARGO will be published in Japan through Mgame’s branch in Japan, Mgame Japan. Mgame plans to launch within this year the first CBT of ARGO in Japan. Currently, a teaser site is open for Japanese gamers to view.

ARGO‘s success is rather predictable as the game has been receiving much attention from Korea as well as in other countries that ARGO has already been exported to. After its release in Korea this August, ARGO became one of the most anticipated MMORPGs in Korea. Users find ARGO interesting in that it is a captivating game that has many fantasy elements bypassing imagination. For one, a player can actually “time-travel” in ARGO, moving from the classical, middle-age backdrop to the futuristic settings of the far generation. One can even meet various version of oneself, and fight them as a part of quest accomplishment. Mgame is propelling ARGO to be its next blockbuster and magnum opus, putting much effort into actually developing an innovative MMORPG of the next-generation.

Having gone through a series of CBTs and now open for OBT in Korea, ARGO is currently exported to Russia, Europe, and North America. In Russia, Digital Worlds is in charge of ARGO ‘s Russian service. For North America and Europe, Mgame signed a publishing contract with Burda:ic, a leading publisher in the Western hemisphere for multiplayer online games, to service ARGO in different language versions. Ihyung Kwon, the CEO of Mgame, commented, “ ARGOwill become an opportunity for Mgame to prove its capabilities and achieve accomplishments in the Japanese game market. Thanks to ARGO ‘s rising popularity in the domestic market, we were able to promptly export ARGO to various foreign markets. We look forward to ARGO’s performance abroad next year.”

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