LOCO advances further into Russian region

LOCO (Land of Chaos Online), a hybrid RTS game by KTH “AllStar” (the name of its game portal) is now opening its servers for a commercial launch in 12 regions of Russia and its vicinity, a fast-growing market for online games. A publishing agreement for LOCO service in Russia was established this April, and a leading Russian game publisher, Mail.ru, has been carrying out operations for LOCO since then. OBT was launched on October 6th, and with avid support and friendly attention from Russian users, the official service of LOCO is now taking place as of October 22nd.

LOCO stands different from other Korean online games in that it has captured attention from the global market prior to achieving success in the domestic market. It was exported to countries all over the world, 37 of which are in Europe, 3 of which in North America, 4 of which in Southeast Asia, 13 of which in Russia and its vicinity. In August, OBT for LOCO began in North America and Europe, and within three weeks of OBT launch, LOCO managed to attract an average of 30,000 users per day and a total of 300,000 registered members. With such encouraging results, LOCO may show high potential in the Russian region market as well.

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